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Our Story

Our Story

Presenting the most affordable way to recover your home furniture.

TiffanyCovers has been a dream come true for young Tiffany Williams and her partner Makayla Breck. They began this journey when they come up with a nifty idea to restore old furniture. 

The back story of TiffanyCovers begins when founder, Tiffany Williams moved into her new apartment. She liked furniture shopping at her local thrift stores. As a fresh college graduate seeking a new job, Tiffany wanted to be efficient with her spending. She valued the prices at thrift stores and purchased a dinning set, living room furniture, and other home necessities.

Tiffany was so excited that she decided to invite her friend (her now business partner Makayla Breck) over to celebrate her new, fully furnished, apartment. Tiffany wanted to spice up the look of her chairs and sofas. She wanted to leave the old wooden look in the past. Makayla had always been about DIY (do it yourself design) and interior decorating, so they was a winner pair from the get-go. Together they developed one size fits all furniture covers.

Tiffanycovers believes customer satisfaction is our number one company number one priority and that is why we stay invested even after your products have been delivered.